Morning prayer reflection 20th April 2020

I found myself up a ladder the other day, securing an external light which had broken from fixings in the wind. In more normal times, we would have asked someone to do this job properly, but just now we are thrown back on whatever skill or resource we have to hand, while so many professionals are unable to ply their own trades. Even my home cooking is getting more practice, which is not to say it is improving. As we do our best to deal with the little challenges of the home, outside in the wider world  people face challenges … Continue reading Morning prayer reflection 20th April 2020

Morning prayer reflection 14th April 2020

I am intrigued by the word “household”. Household is used in UK Government instruction on what we may and may not do due to coronavirus: “one form of exercise a day….alone or with members of your household.” If you look into a Thesaurus, there are few alternatives for household – they range from house – the building, though of course that doesn’t really mean a house, it could be a flat or a palace (for the royal household); another alternative is family or family unit – meaning a related set of people, though dictionaries are keen to point out that … Continue reading Morning prayer reflection 14th April 2020

Morning prayer reflection 2nd April 2020

In all the emails and phone calls to loved ones and friends, friends I would normally only talk to maybe once a month or once a year but now find I am talking to, remotely, much more often, they sometimes ask tentatively – and how are you managing without church? In one way this is good, they have noticed that church plays a big part in my life, even though for them this is a strange idea. But they definitely have the notion that churches are closed so there is no church. Even a Roman Catholic friend I spoke to … Continue reading Morning prayer reflection 2nd April 2020

Prayers for Easter Saturday during lockdown

In our Benefice we meet every Saturday morning to share prayers. They vary greatly and are created and led by different lay ministers. Here are the Easter Saturday prayers I shared this weekend. Today we have nearly made it through Lent for this year. A journey begun in a different world, where we could meet and mix freely, a journey which has brought us to a new place. If our faith is deepened because of our prayers, our study, our discipline and our giving this Lent, then we are closer to Jesus as we approach our special day, Easter Sunday, … Continue reading Prayers for Easter Saturday during lockdown

Ten years of this blog

This has been a huge decade as a Reader, beginning with the kind of training and learning which never leaves you; kindnesses and constructive help from many inspiring souls. I was finally licensed in 2010 and have grown into a continually challenging role. Most weeks there are things to do which would have scared me ten years ago. They are still scary. But today I know fully how little I know and understand, and I am closely held in God’s hands and led where I should go and in what I should say and do. I am supported through prayer … Continue reading Ten years of this blog