World War One commemoration in Heathfield

Just concluded a series of events to commemorate, and importantly to think and pray about the events of 1914. All Saints Church in Heathfield was one of the venues. All Saints Church Old Heathfield A talk and sermons by Revd. Roger Kenward helped us engage with his experiences as a military chaplain, and Battle Town Band plus soloists both entertained and caused tearful reflection as music, poetry and song combined to build a powerful picture of the human experience of war. The final Songs of Praise service brought members of churches from all Christian denominations in Heathfield to sing hymns … Continue reading World War One commemoration in Heathfield

Cuckoo Trail Sponsored Walk from Heathfield to Horam for Christian Aid

  Time for another activity to stay fit and fight poverty! Our second annual sponsored walk organised by the Heathfield Christian Aid group. This is an important way in which we raise funds to fight poverty across the world and last year’s walk was sunny and peaceful. Just 4.5 miles round trip, you can dog walk, cycle, jog or just stroll along this quiet trail off the road around the back of Heathfield and through the countryside to Horam. If your energy gives out half way, then at Horam, Wesson’s cafe offers refreshment and rest. Or if you really can’t … Continue reading Cuckoo Trail Sponsored Walk from Heathfield to Horam for Christian Aid

Ecumenism and inter-faith

Wow, two huge topics and only a few remarks here. In a discussion on the difference between these two headings this week, the conclusion was drawn that studying ecumenism tended to refer to Christian churches attempting to work together and resolve doctrinal difficulties as well as divergence of traditions in liturgy, worship, rituals, and that inter-faith dialogue is the term used more commonly for a variety of faiths looking at similar things, including but not exclusively Christian. One Church. How to get there? So many have tried. Scripture points us towards a oneness, God’s love for all. Meanwhile, we have … Continue reading Ecumenism and inter-faith

Freedom for what?

“Christian freedom as St Paul spells it out is always freedom from isolation – from the isolation of sin, separating us from God, and the isolation of competing self-interest that divides us from each other. To be free is to be free for relation; free to contribute what is given to us into the life of the neighbour, for the sake of their formation in Christ’s likeness, with the Holy Spirit carrying that gift from heart to heart and life to life. Fullness of freedom for each of us is in contributing to the sanctification of the neighbour.” An extract … Continue reading Freedom for what?

the meaning of parish

More and more talk of getting churches working together – today the news of Methodists and Anglicans healing a rift – a slow moving together process. Of course there should only be one Christian church. But we are many people and have our habits and our preferences when it comes to things spiritual and religious. Should a broad consensus of need to move together be held up by a small group of parishioners? I guess the answer may be – only when they can put forward a good theological argument for their perspective. Not if the argument is simply based … Continue reading the meaning of parish