Spirituality in business

So far just thoughts and jottings and links. My aim is to gather together ideas to support Christian learning about this topic. You are very welcome to comment with other ideas and links if you have some.

The training resource site businessballs.com has an interesting entry here.

M.E. Seligman 2000 article on Positive Psychology: An Introduction in The American Psychologist Journal (55, 1).

Sir Adrian Cadbury: Beliefs in Business – the experience of Quaker companies. 2003 is here.

Some interesting academic references here including a book on SQ (not found yet).

Sue Howard writes a comprehensive introduction to spirituality in terms of management learning here in Journal of Managerial Psychology 2002, (17,3)

Sue Howard is now running consultancy in this area.

There is an academic journal called Management, Spirituality and Religion published by Routledge at this site. Appears to be annual though latest online journal is 2008.

Books acquired for reading in this area to date: 

The Hungry Spirit: Beyond Capitalism – A Quest for Purpose in the Modern World – Charles B. Handy
Building a Values-Driven Organization: A Whole System Approach to Cultural Transformation – Richard Barrett
The Spirit at Work Phenomenon – Sue Howard

A few more references to be found and read:

Garber, M., Hanssen, B. and Walkowitz, W.L. (2000) The Turn to Ethics. New York: Routledge.

Rhodes, C. and Pullen, A. (2009) Organizational Moral Responsibility, in S.R. Clegg and C. Cooper (Eds.) The Sage Handbook of Organizational Behaviour. Vol.2, pp. 340-355. London: Sage

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