This morning’s preparations for Holy Communion – I have to record it because so often I forget.
Chalice, then Purificator, Paten with large wafer, then Pall, then Chalice veil, Burse with Corporal inside placed on top, with lidded Ciborium placed empty behind all this.
Unlike in these directionsVessels in order for Eucharist: the cross is faced towards the priest, ie not facing the congregation.
And don’t forget the candles, lighting the south or organ side first, then the north or priest’s side and extinguishing them in reverse order. And the collection plate and bag. And the cruet – water at the front but wine plus box of wafers brought from the back.

assembling vessels and linen

On top of this there is the Bible on the altar, books for the priest, microphone to assemble and switch on, St George’s window to light, hymn numbers to check and display, rear door unlocked, readers and intercessor checked, someone to help bring wine and wafers down after the Peace, someone to close the altar rail, someone to take the collection bag round, someone to open the vestry door after the service, and most importantly of all – someone to welcome people in….
Afterwards, there is the book to be signed, collection to be counted and recorded and all to be put carefully away and locked.
One day, this will all come naturally.