Watch “#ThyKingdomCome – The Most Reverend and Right Honourable Justin Welby – 4 June 2017” on Vimeo:
“Let’s be a church that goes out”


Watch “#Adore – The Reverend Roger Walton – 1 June 2017” on Vimeo:

Share the wonderful love of God

Watch “#Help – The Most Reverend and Most Honourable John Sentamu – 31 May 2017” on Vimeo:
Jesus first, Others next, Yourself last – JOY

Watch “#PrayFor – The Most Reverend Fred Hiltz – 30 May 2017” on Vimeo:

We pray for all your children Lord.

Watch “#ToJesus – The Most Reverend Michael Curry – 25 May 2017” on Vimeo:
The message – prayer changes things.

I pray for all those on pilgrimage as they aim to put God at the centre of their lives even for a short while.

All of us on Christian journeys meet rocks along the way, and diversions. Lord help us keep moving towards you.


The global wave of prayer has started today on Ascension Day. See the prayer wall as they pour in through social media and realise this is only what we tweet, the huge wave of prayer is much bigger. Bigger than all of us as we pray for others, praise and give thanks that we belong to a worldwide family as children of God.