Lord, change our values and priorities, be with us as we strive to follow your example. In our relationships with family and friends, help us to speak out for the simple and sustainable joys of a Christian life. A life which values every part of your creation its animals, minerals, plants as members, with us, in your earthly community. And help us to remember that supporting others through your love is part of our understanding of creation and our yearning for your Kingdom. Amen


Lord, Your peace and my peace are very different things, help me not get confused by the word. My peace comes at the end of a busy day when I am exhausted and drained, when I can “relax”, when I can watch mindless stuff on television in an attempt to get my mind to slow down. Your peace comes at the start of the day when the world is fresh and I can face all my little worries with calm and let you enter my mind. When I can share with you my challenges and failures and don’t feel bad about them, but energised by your peace to face them and repent. You bring me such peace, a calm which fuels me to do better, a sense of spiritual place where it feels right to be. Thank you Lord for your peace. Amen

Lord, the birdsong of early Spring and the new lambs in our small flock surround this place. The new lambs needed much preparation, extra feed for the ewes, provision for lambing pens, many decisions around timing, support, moving ewes. In the same way we need to prepare and make new provision for new people to join our church. To join with us, in a way which fits their needs, and to understand how we can adjust to support them. In an interregnum it feels as if all our energies are going into staying in one place, a place which is familiar, offering what we have got used to offering. But to add to the flock we should be thinking further ahead, not always holding on but taking risks, making ourselves vulnerable to meet the vulnerable. As you did. Help us Lord. Amen

I pray because I can’t help myself. I pray because I’m helpless. I pray because the need flows out of me all the time- waking and sleeping. It doesn’t change God- it changes me. C. S. Lewis