It is a thing most wonderful

The author of this hymn is Bishop William Walsham How. Bishop How was known as the “omnibus bishop”, a reference to his preferred method of travel around his diocese in the East End of London where he worked among the miserable social conditions of the nineteenth century slums. He is also a well-loved hymnist. This particular hymn comes from his Children’s Hymns of 1872.  It was later included in the English Hymnal under the “At Catechism” section, but clearly there is something about how the hymn offers theological meaning through childish words, which has earned it a place in the … Continue reading It is a thing most wonderful

Preparing for lay ministry: serious but not solemn

getting closer to preparing a ministry specification for lay ministry. We went through the details at a study day today. Serious stuff – how much time can I really put into ministry? How do I commit totally to God and how He chooses to use me yet remain committed to my role as teacher and trainer and developer of people? Lay ministry involves a lay perspective – if I overdo the church work, then I begin to lose a lay perspective and if God wants me to work for him through my jobs, I am shooting myself in the foot. … Continue reading Preparing for lay ministry: serious but not solemn