Spiritual people

I am surrounded by them. They have conviction, strength. I met a man recently who had helped me years ago in my academic career – been quite pivotal in fact. If anyone is filled with the Holy Spirit, it is this man. He is full of energy at a time when many of his age are confined to home and reducing their horizons. He speaks with a clarity of thought which comes from knowing what God wants of him. Knowing that he will be shown. His contributions to other people’s lives and wellbeing make my tiny efforts puny and insignificant. … Continue reading Spiritual people

Spirituality -what’s that?

Lately I have been trying to work out the distinction between spirituality and emotional experience. Maybe I don’t need to and maybe there is little difference, but I think there should be. When we talk of emotions we envisage sensory feelings – tears, joy, depression, excitement, outrage and so many more expressions of emotional experience. But they seem to be linked to what we feel and those feelings have both internal or mental, and physical expression in body language and sensation. When we talk of spirituality, there is something else going on.  Emotions are definitely involved, but there is more. … Continue reading Spirituality -what’s that?