getting closer to preparing a ministry specification for lay ministry. We went through the details at a study day today. Serious stuff – how much time can I really put into ministry? How do I commit totally to God and how He chooses to use me yet remain committed to my role as teacher and trainer and developer of people? Lay ministry involves a lay perspective – if I overdo the church work, then I begin to lose a lay perspective and if God wants me to work for him through my jobs, I am shooting myself in the foot.
On the other hand I am serious about ministry, so I want to make sure I can give sufficient time to church work. OK I know God works through me outside church work too. But part of what I am doing by becoming a Reader is committing to an explicit ministry – time, activities, work which takes advantage of what I have to offer, but doesn’t stop me being who I am.
I guess it is less about how much time can I commit and more about how I can make my normal work roles as well as my parish work count as ministry.